*10% discount with another service, additional charge for styling by iron or roller. Up do not include shampoo.

Manhattan Sleek Straight $50 up
New York Airy Body & Flip $55 up
Hollywood Glamorous Bounce $60 up
Red Carpet Styling To Go $90 up
Half Up Do (not include shampoo) $95 up
Full Up Do (not include shampoo) $120 up


*Finishing touch by dry cut for texturizing and volume control.

Men’s (Includes shampoo, after rinse, head and shoulder massage) $60up
Facial Trim with Service $10 up
Men’s Scalp Cleanse Course with Service $30-50
Ladies’ (Includes blow dry by brush) $80-90
Bangs (No shampoo) $20-30


*Blow dry not included.

Touch Up (Within 1/2″ from roots) $90
Touch Up (Over 1/2″ from roots) $95 up
Single $120 up
Double $180 up
Special Design (Ombre & Balayage, special effect color, etc) $280 up
Plant color-Biolage $150 up
Graze, Toner ($45~85 with other color services) $80 up
Partial 1/4 Highlights $95 up
Partial 1/2 Highlights $145 up
Partial 3/4 Highlights $150 up
Full Highlights $160 up
Balayage Highlights $280 up
Color Correction Price by Consultation


New York Nuance Body Perm $200 up
Tokyo Creap Rich Perm $250 up
Tokyo Miracle Digital Perm $320 up
Harajyuku Edge Design Perm $300 up


Tokyo Shine Super Straight $380 up
Tokyo Smooth Retexturizing Straight $380 up
Keratin Passion Smoothing Straight $350 up
Keratin express smoothing $200 up


Carbonate Detox Scalp Head Spa $30-50
Belea Intensive repair Treatment (Includes aromatherapy and weekly home care) $70
Olaplex Bond Builder Treatment $45
Clinic Protection Course For Chemical Service $25

WEDDING (Bridal)

Rehearsal within 2 Hours $180
Styling in Salon $350 up
Styling at Your Place (in Manhattan) $700 up
All Day Perfect Plan (A stylist attends for you all day to keep your hair beautiful with one hair change) $1000 up


*Additional charges on special effect color, glitter or false eyelashes.

Princess Event Makeup (under 17 years old) $65 up
Red Carpet Makeup $85 up
Wedding Rehearsal (within 60 mins) $95 up
Wedding Makeup for Bride in salon $200 up


*Additional charges on kawari musubi & kasane eri.

Yukata $75 up
Fudangi $90 up
Houmongi $120 up
Tomesode $180 up
Furisode $250 up
  • New York Tax will be charged to all services.
  • Prices are subject to change without notice.
  • Prices increase depending upon stylist, hair length, and time needed.
  • Gratuities in cash only.
  • Please be on time for your appointment to ensure that you receive our full service. Late clients who do not give prior notice may be subject to having their appointments cancelled or delayed so that we may serve the next available client.
  • Price was increased due to additional expense for clean, protection and minimum capacity in place by mandatory NY and DCD rule.